Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gorakhpur - a town bustling with activity

Gorakhpur is a big town, if you look at population and size but its roads, people, and thier daily routine still has a reminiscence of old days. It was a good time to go there as the summer was coming to an end and monsoon has just started. amid power cuts and hot climate, the one thing that really saved city's pride were Mangoes. Mangoes were available in all shapes and varieties. Dashehri, Langda (Kapoori), Chausa, Safeda, Ganwarjeet and many more tastes had my tongue busy throughout the stay.
Another characteristic thing about this town is road traffic. people just go about thier business without minding the signals and turns and ofcourse rules, in a way this is baffling but I found this quite hilarious. I drove several kms from Betiahata to Shahbazganj to Sahara city to Gorakhnath and liked it thoroughly.
more on gorakhpur but later............................

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